Mark Casazza Consulting

Servicing your computer needs from personal computers to small company networks.

Yes, I do make house calls in Luzerne county and the surrounding area.

Although I can help in many other areas, the items below are where I get the most requests.  If you have any specific questions, send me an email with the form at the bottom of the page.

Virus and Spyware remediation: In many cases, I can remove viruses and spyware at your location without any drastic measures. I charge $75.00 for an on-site virus and spyware removal process. If damage is sufficient that the operating system (Windows) needs to be re-installed, the cost varies based on the need to backup and restore data files, availability or drivers, etc.

General computer repairs: I will come to your home or business to witness your troubles and pick up the computer. If possible, I will make the repair right there on the spot, but this is very infrequent. I also install equipment you purchased yourself for a fair price. I charge $40.00 to check out, pick up and return your equipment if it is beyond repair or you decide not to go ahead with the repair.  On-site installations and equipment repairs are billed at a rate of $95.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $40.00. Evaluation of the equipment is covered by the $40.00 minimum charge.  Re-installing Windows is sometimes required for various reasons. I charge a flat rate of $75.00 to re-install Windows from the original Window’s CD or from an original restore CD. Please don’t ask me to install any software from copied CDs if you don’t have the original Certificate of Authenticity or other proof of ownership. I will backup your important data files and install any additional software that you own at an hourly rate of $95.00 per hour. I can provide CD backups of your system prior to it being erased and when the job is complete for a nominal charge.

Web site authoring I can build or enhance your web site. I take great care in determining exactly what you want and providing a job quote prior to any major project. These quotes are based on an hourly rate from $95.00 per hour for small jobs to $75.00 per hour for big jobs. My goal is to satisfy your expectations the first time I deliver the product.  I prefer to work in PHP and MySQL for dynamic and database driven pages and WordPress for static sites. To see some of my work, please visit the Clear Sky Alarm Clock and Tonights Sky. Both of these sites showcase the type of product I can deliver.

Network services: I can help get your Internet connection up and running, or set up a local network so multiple devices can go online, or even install or upgrade the network in your business. Networking is billed at an hourly rate of $95.00 per hour. I can provide network hardware at very competitive prices. I prefer to use Linux for servers and Windows for workstations.

Linux and Unix system support: I have experience with many flavors of Linux or Unix.  If I’m not already familiar with your system, I can get up to speed in very short order. Linux/Unix consultations are billed at a rate of $145.00 per hour. System administration, system recovery, customer application development are all offered as well as migration assistance and general advisory consultations.

Estimates are available upon request for any job.