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Astronomy freeware to help the new ameature find DSOs.

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Free software to help the Dob users find DSOs in seconds not hours.

  • Select from over 10,000 DSOs.
  • Messier Catalog.
  • Herchel 400 catalog.
  • "Glove friendly".
  • FreeWare!
  • Track objects in real time.
  • Print out your observing plan.
  • Program in many favorite observing sites complete with horizon obstruction information.
  • This program is being developed by Mark Casazza. I utilize the public datasets found at The NGC/IC Project, Messier 45, and the Saguaro Astronomy Club and the calculation method described at the astronomical calculations page of Keith Burnett.

    I will continue to make enhancements based on user feed back and fix bugs found by users. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the product with me through the feedback & bug reporting page.

    Mark Casazza
    39 Valley View Drive
    Mountain Top, PA 18707