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I am aware of the growing concern of internet users regarding the widespread distribution of their personal information. I do not sell or redistribute my e-mail lists to third parties or spammers.

The information submitted, whether it is a purchase, a download of a demo product, or simply joining a mailing list, remains confidential and is for my records only. I keep this information so that I can notify customers of product upgrades, announcements, and new releases. If a customer/user does not wish to receive this information, they can request to be removed from our mailing lists at any point simply by sending an unsubscribe request via e-mail. That will end of all e-mails and permanently remove your address from all my lists.

As a person who is "gifted" with over 100 pieces of spam each and every day, I give you my word that there is no amount of money that would entice me to share your private information with anyone. My policy is really that simple. Any personal information you provide at any of my pages will go no further than my servers. I will only use the information provided according to your specific directions.

My sites do not use cookies to track your activities. Cookies are used to help secure your login and allow the site to remember you when you return. My sites will not load any information onto your computer that you do not intentionally download.

Server logs:
Yes my server does keep track of where each user goes. This information is not mined in any way to take action based on your pattern of usage. These logs are stricyly priovate and not available for purchase. Your activities on my sites are your own business.

This site is open to the public and like public property, anyone is welcome so long as their intentions are not malicious.