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Astro-PhotographyEnjoy the wonders of the universe as seen through my camera.
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The New Bremen Collection


Pictures taken in New Bremen Ohio

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The ED127 Collection


Images captured with the Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Series Telescope

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My Favorites


My favorite astro photos

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The Cherry Springs Collection


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Solar System


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IR photographyExperiments in IR photography
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NatureEnjoy the wonders of nature here on Earth.
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Sunrise Sunset


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Other Nature


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Hatteras NC175 views
October 12 2011 8:41 PM, Mountain Top PA152 viewsLighting Mountain Top PA
f/2.7 2 sec
Kirby Library198 viewsISO 200; f/7.1; 28mm; 1/125 sec; 720nm filter
Running Man over Orion29 viewsThis image of M42 or the Orion Nebula. It was shot on February 26, 2012 in Mountain Top Pennsylvania with a full spectrum Canon T1i on a Orion Short Tube 80. It consists of 30 1-minute exposures. I stacked and initially stretched the sub-frames with Nebulosity 2, and finished up with Photoshop.
October 12 2011 8:44 PM, Mountain Top PA162 viewsLighting Mountain Top PA
f/2.7 2 sec
Key West FL151 views
Hatteras NC155 views
Billions of stars62 viewsThis a wide field shot of the IC1318 area was taken at Cherry Springs on May 31 of 2014. Over two years later I finished processing it. The shot is made up of 75 4-minute exposures shot at ISO 800 f/5.6 with the lens at 100mm. This shot was only possible because of a problem with my ED127 scope.

Last additions
Pelican28 viewsThis image of IC5070, the Pelican Nebula, was taken at Cherry Springs on September 28, 2014. It consists of 36 6-minute exposures at ISO 1600. It was stacked in Nebulosity and processed in Star Tools and Photoshop. I just got around to processing it this month. That is good since it has been cloudy for months.Jan 25, 2017
My first moon shot39 viewsThis shot was taken November 6, 2016 from my driveway in New Bremen. This is my first successful picture of the moon. It consists of 50 still frames at 1/1000 second at ISO 400. I used Sequence Generator Pro to focus the telescope on a star field prior to the shots. I staked the images in Nebulosity and did some minor processing with Star Tools and Photo shop.Nov 21, 2016
Andromeda48 viewsThe image was taken November 11, 2016 in my driveway in New Bremen Ohio. The image consists of 64 2-minute images taken at ISO 800. While it is my best M31 image to date I need to revisit this object because I know I can do better. The was stacked with Nebulosity 4, processed with Star Tools and Photoshop.Nov 20, 2016
Eastern Veil40 viewsThis image of the Eastern Veil, NGC 6992, was the last image I captured at Cherry Springs State Park in September 2016. This represents the best 23 5-minute exposures of a problematic night. There were 16 other images that were too bad to include. The system hopped guide stars several times resulting in a substantial crop to get the area covered by every one of the 23 good exposures. Even my copy of Star Tools needed to be updated to deal with the image. The images were taken with Sequence Generator Pro, stacked with Nebulosity 4, processed with Star Tools 1.4 and finished up with PhotoShop CS6. I tried a new method to remove the stars while processing in PS CS6 and I like the results.Oct 12, 2016
Double Up43 viewsI don't generally take pictures of Open Clusters unless there is nebulosity in the area, but a forecast of high clouds all night got the famous Double Cluster (NGC869 and NGC884) in the spotlight. This image was captured the night of September 1, 2016 at Cherry Springs. This images is made up of 16 150-second exposures and 20 300-second exposures all at ISO-800. They were stacked with Nebulosity 4 and processed with StarTools and Photoshop.Sep 11, 2016
Pickering's Triangle44 viewsThis is my first 2016 photo from Cherry Springs. It was taken August 29th and is made of the best 40 5-minute exposures from a set of 63 exposures using my Ti1 and ED127 scope. It was processed on the following rainy days with Nebulosity 4, Star Tools, and Photoshop. Sep 01, 2016
Fish Head Swimming Up Stream41 viewsThis is another 2014 image that took 2 years to be processed. It was taken in September of 2014 at Cherry Springs with a full spectrum T1i and an ED127 scope. It was made of 46 6-minute exposures that were stacked in Nebulosity 4 and processed in Star Tools. Aug 28, 2016
Dark Angel66 viewsThis image is IC1318 or the Butterfly Nebula, was taken in September 2014 at Cherry Springs, Two years later on a rainy night at Cherry Springs it was finally processed. This is the result of 29 6-minute exposures with my full spectrum T1i and ED127 scope. It was stacked with Nebulosity 4 and process with Star Tools and a small tweak in Photoshop,Aug 28, 2016